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iSki Tow System

iSki Tow System

iFloats “iSki”

“Not all Skis or Floats are Created Equal”

Are you tired of rolling up your float every time you move your boat? The iSki accessory eliminates this issue. iFloats “iSki” is a revolutionary new idea from the same company that brought you iFloats. iFloats is a superior float when compared to all other floats because of it high tensile strength and now it can be towed or you can use it to ski behind your boat with the iSki accessory! All iFloats can be used in conjunction with the iSki accessory!

iFloats “iSki” Attributes:

• Cool Factor: No one has one of these!

• Hardware: We use stainless steel eye bolts and flush stainless steel screws to mount the iSki to the iFloats.

• Tow Attach Points: Simply attach your tow rope to the eye-bolts when you are ready to tow or ski your iFloats.

• Two Ski Rope Attach points: Always use a ski rope to keep your skier’s safe.

• Hot Graphics: Logos, Safety Warnings and Installation Icons.

• Construction: We use two 3” x 71” x.125” aluminum plates and one 1" square x 71" long aluminum tube that are assembled with stainless steel hardware and wrapped with iSki graphics.

• Towable: The only towable foam water float on market today!

• iFloat Size: Recommended up to 24ft iFloats for skiing and towing. iSki Can be used with larger iFloats for towing at up to 5mph.

• Ski Capacity: Up to 300lbs at 25mph for skiing.

• Tow Capacity: Up to 5mph based on length of iFloats used.

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